Writing Goals for 2016

Man. I am not good at updating this blog. Ha. I gotta work on that.

I had a great time at the PEI Writer and Illustrator Festival earlier this month. Met some cool people, I hung out with some other writers, sold a few books, I listened to a few author readers… and really got creatively juiced. I can’t wait for the next event when I’ll have TWO books on my table! 😀


My wee little booth.


Met this cool young reader, Adrianna, at the event.

The last few chapters of Molly Miranda Book 2 have been outlined. I have chosen a title. I know what the cover is going to look like and I know generally when it will be released. I hope to share these details early in 2016. I intend to finish writing the first draft by the end of the month. FINGERS CROSSED.

Holy moly, 2015 has been a crazy year. I published my debut novel, I got married and I wrote another novel.

It took me just under a year to write the first book but the first draft was pretty clean. It took me 11 months to write the sequel-it’s pretty tough but I took a hiatus in there to deal with wedding stuff. I’m happy with the length of time but I know I have to speed up.

In case I don’t update this blog again before January, here are my writing/publishing goals for 2016:

  • Publish Molly Miranda Book 2
  • Write Molly Miranda Book 3 in 9 months or less
  • Write one non-fiction book

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