My New Writing Goal

When I was a teenager, my goal was to have a book published by the time I was 20. In junior high, I wrote and handed a 25 page short story to my English teacher every month. In grade 10, I wrote a novella. But I did not finish a … Read More

Why I Chose Independent Publishing

I’ve had a few people ask me where my book is going to be published. When I started to explain independent publishing, I got some puzzled expressions. So, this is my attempt at explaining myself, as well as my motives. My novel is going to be independently published by my company, … Read More

Indiegogo Campaign = Success!

I have been rendered speechless. I am without speech. But fear not. I may be lost for words but I make up for it with gratitude. With 3 days to go, we’ve surpassed my funding goal of $1500. To the people who donated to the campaign: you are magnificent. To … Read More

Tomfoolery Press is born!

Is it just me or are there a million and one adult book blogs out there? The genre is supremely popular but doesn’t intrigue me much. Do you know what does intrigue me though? Humor books. Fiction, non-fiction, satire, romantic comedies, etc. There is always more room in this world … Read More

7 Questions with Molly Miranda

Jill: Molly, thank you very much for your time. We promise to keep this interview away from the authorities. Molly: No, I think we’re good. Who even said my name really is “Molly Miranda”? 😛 Jill: Oh. Good point. Molly: Can we get on with this? I have a flight … Read More

Molly Miranda’s Playlist

Molly Miranda is the character in my debut novel, Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire. I know what you’re wondering about this twenty-something professional burglar. If she had a playlist, what would it be? Well, my friends. It would include the songs below.

Introducing… Molly Miranda!

I’ve been working on an action/comedy chick lit novel since spring of last year and I’m finally ready to unveil it. It will be released in February of next year. Because nothing says romance like a little crime. ;P