New Projects Ahoy!

Look, new glasses!

I haven’t updated the bookish news on this website for quite a while because, honestly, there really hasn’t been much to report—until now.

Reviews for The Lazy Historian’s Guide to the Wives of Henry VIII have been great. I do have plans to write another Lazy Historian book sometime in the future but I don’t know when that will happen.

Artemis, the mischievous Cardigan Welsh Corgi

While researching Wives, I started gathering ideas for a historical fiction novel so that’s what I’ve been working on since the spring. Progress on that has been pretty slow going but I’m okay with taking my time with this one.

We got a puppy in August and she’s really changed life at the ol’ Hamilmore house. She’s a sassy little thing and I love her to bits. I’m also spending my free time working on a cosplay for the Island Entertainment Expo in the spring. (I’m not formally announcing who I’m cosplaying at but I’ve dropped some pretty big hints on social media.)

With all of that being said, I’m super excited about my new novel and flexing my abilities within a different genre and really trying to upgrade my game, prose-wise. I hope this book shows how I’ve grown as an author.

With me taking my time on this new book, 2019 is going to be the first year since 2015 that I haven’t published a book. I’ll finish writing the book but it won’t be published next year. For the first time, I’m going to try my hand at getting an agent and getting a book traditionally published. I’ve never done it before but I’d like to go through the experience of that process.

Since I’m now working on a historical fiction novel, I’ve also thrown myself into reading the genre hard and fast. I even started a genre-specific book blog called Old Timey Books just for reviewing, doing interviews and giveaways, and more. On the flipside, The Lazy Historian is on hiatus while I work on my novel. I’m also occasionally blogging about writing, productivity, books and life at

I recently had a BookBub promotion for Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire and I got several really nice messages from readers who enjoyed the book. I can’t express how much those messages mean to me. It really warms my heart that my baby entertained someone, even for just a few hours. So thank you. It’s so encouraging and heartwarming.

If you’re reading this because you’re a fan of the Molly Miranda series, I have a couple story ideas percolating on the backburner that I’d love to get out of my brain at some point.

What I wouldn’t give for a few more hours in a day.

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    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate that! 😀 If you have a sec, please leave a review on Amazon. I hope you read the next too as well and like them just as much. 🙂

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