The Molly Miranda Trilogy Box Set is Here!

I feel like me and Molly have been through a lot together. After three books of sassy adventures, I got to release a three-book box set of Thief for Hire, Thick as Thieves and Honor Among Thieves on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. I wrote a special exclusive freebie to add to it as an extra incentive too.

Since it’s brand new, it’s currently sitting at zero reviews so I need some help from you guys to boost its signal on Amazon a little. You can even copy and paste a previous review if you like, or you can write something really quick and short.

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2 Comments on “The Molly Miranda Trilogy Box Set is Here!”

  1. Absolutely loved your first novel and am so looking forward to the next two. Your characters really come to life always the sign of a good writer.
    I am a book addict and so, read an awful lot! I always know I am reading a great book when I can not bear to finish it but also cannot bear to stop reading. Yours are great.

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