Making the MS Word Transition

116-Kr4AFBBS0qN0EmL1-s-I’m an Apple girl. I have an iPhone, an iPad, an iMac and I work on an iMac at my day job. I use iTunes for music and the occasional episode or movie rentals. I started out using OpenOffice for my novel but switched to Apple Pages because you can save directly to the Cloud.

But then the novel editing process began. I read several articles advising the reader to edit this way or that, and so many of the tips involved Microsoft Word. So many of the formatting tutorials were for—guess what—MS Word. Maybe it was time to conform.

I finally made the plunge and am slowly—very, very slowly—transitioning to MS Word for Mac. I purchased MS Office yesterday and installed it. It came to about $150 after taxes which isn’t too bad, although much more expensive than Apple Pages.

The newest version of Office for Mac is 2011. That’s ancient in software years. It even installed Microsoft Messenger as part of the Office suite! (For those of you that don’t know, Microsoft Messenger ceased to exist in early 2013.)

But now that I’ve imported my draft into MS Word and starting playing with it, it’s not bad. It’s a little slower to load than Pages and has a lot of tools that I will probably never, ever use. I’m finding the ability to comment in the margins a very big help with editing though. “Must rewrite this scene,” “Add this scene here,” et cetera.

So, writers currently working with other software but thinking about the switch: have no fear. The super busy toolbar can look a bit intimidating but the tools it comes with make it a worthwhile investment and the time to switch over. Word of warning though: make the transition when you aren’t on a deadline. You may have to Google how to do certain functions when you’re just starting out.

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