Book 3 Cover + Title Announcement!

Ta-daaaaaaa! My editor has book 3 in her hands and I’ve created the cover for the third instalment of Molly Miranda’s adventures. What do you think?

It actually reminds me of Harley Quinn—the cartoon version, not the sexy Margot Robbie version.

I am already working on my fourth book. However, it’s unrelated to Molly Miranda. I’m not quite ready to announce what this new project is yet. Maybe in a few months after the above bad boy gets released.

4 Comments on “Book 3 Cover + Title Announcement!”

  1. I just finished your first two Molly Miranda books and loved them. Can’t wait for book three! If you need another beta reader or proofreader, please contact me. I’m retired now, but was an associate editor on a editorial staff for quite a while and am excellent at nitpicking grammar, homonyms (phased/fazed), and inconsistencies. I just do this for the love of good, well-written books.

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