A Whole New World

imageHi guys! I just finished adding a TON of little red marks to the first draft of my completed novel. This is all new territory to me. It all feels so new and exciting for me, so I figured I might redesign my website- again- in honor of this strange new world. So… welcome!

Sigh. A web designer who redoes their own website every chance they get. How cliché.

My next steps include:

  • implement all the red marks I’ve made in my draft
  • write additional scenes necessary
  • hand my new draft over to Colby (the boyfriend) for my first beta read

I’m so excited to have someone else reading my book but I’m anxious too. What if it’s crap? I’m sure every writer feels that way, especially writers who are new to the game.

After he reads it, I’ll make his suggested edits and then pass it over to a few more beta readers. But once it’s ready? …Well, I’m still considering what to do next.

Independent publishing appeals to me. I could do my own cover! (I’m a graphic designer. Of course I’d want to do my own cover.) I could lay the book out myself. I would work with an editor or two. Having control over the final product is so intriguing to me.

I’m also a fan of how indies treat one another. They support one another and respect one another. It’s a new, refreshing and wonderful way to do business. How could I not be interested in joining that world?

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