10 Online Writing Forums to Inspire

I sometimes find one of the best ways to get me excited to start writing is simply the act of reading about writing. I recently went on the hunt for some writing forums so I could always have a fresh batch of writing advice on hand.

Website: absolutewrite.com/forums
Lots and lots of separate message boards for different audiences, genres, businesses, etc. Discussions on freelancing, publishing, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, writer’s block, dealing with rejection and much more. Definitely one of the best forums online.

Website: writersdigest.com/forum
A very active community with boards for lots of different genres and lots of aspects of the writing business and craft.

Website: nanowrimo.org/forums
Obviously, it’s a little busier around November when Nanowrimo is in full swing, but it has areas for all your needs: writing successes and woes, lots of genres, writing prompts and more. Also has some unique boards like Appellation Station (for naming your characters) and NaNo Soundtracks (where people to discuss what they listen to while writing).

Website: reddit.com/r/WritingHub
Writing Hub is an index of writing subreddits designed to help writers find communities relevant to their interests. Moderators are welcome to announce contests, AMAs, or any other events going on in their communities. There are lots of different subreddits for genres (fantasy, YA, comedy, erotica, etc.) and for critiquing, publishing, the pre-writing work and more.
Side note 1: I’ve never been a fan of the layout of Reddit but one cannot argue its user base is enormous.
Side note 2: It’s very easy to get distracted in Reddit. There are so many kitty and puppy pictures on Reddit. Like, omg.

Website: writerunboxed.com
Facebook can be a vast wasteland of poor grammar and punctuation- but not in this group! Users post questions to the group daily and helpful users respond. It’s so organic and friendly and helpful, I can’t even. But they don’t let in just anyone and their rules are strict (for good reason). You can learn more about joining the group here: What You Should Know about WU’s Facebook Group.

Website: writersbeat.com
Not as many board options as some of the others, but a very nice color scheme that won’t strain your eyeballs. Find advice for writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry as well as contests, publishing and more.

Some more that are also good:

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