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FREE on Kindle!

23780011Now’s the time to pick up Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire for FREE on Kindle. Limited time only.

Shortlisted for the 2016 PEI Book Award for fiction. 4.8/5 on Amazon.

Go now and grab a FREE copy of Thief for Hire!

That Time I Was an Amazon Bestseller

Today was the last day of a $0.99 promotion I’ve been running for about three weeks. It went well! Very well, actually.

I’m currently sitting at #65 in Amazon’s Women’s Adventure category and #80 in the Humor & Satire: American category. But during the high point of the promotion (April 1-2), I reached #3 and #4 in those same categories.

I damn near cried.



That’s right. I was third after frickin’ Game of Thrones.

Like… where am I?

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99¢ Sale!


For a limited time only, all ebook versions of Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire is on sale for just $0.99!

Pick your poison: Kindle / Kobo / iBooks

Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire Available for Pre-Order!

CoverMolly Miranda: Thief for Hire is now available for pre-order for Kindle and Kobo. Click below to pre-order now.



And for anyone who wants to follow my bookish stuff on Goodreads, I now have an author page on there as well. Go check it out!

The paperback and iBooks versions will be available soon.

Why I Chose Independent Publishing

I’ve had a few people ask me where my book is going to be published. When I started to explain independent publishing, I got some puzzled expressions. So, this is my attempt at explaining myself, as well as my motives.

My novel is going to be independently published by my company, Tomfoolery Press. My company is also a blog where I feature funny books. I made that blog to help market my book(s), network with other humor authors and check out my competition (in a totally friendly, non-threatening way, I promise).

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