The Molly Miranda Trilogy Box Set

Released: May 20, 2017

Contains Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire, Molly Miranda: Thick as Thieves and Molly Miranda: Honor Among Thieves.

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

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Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire

Released: February 6, 2015

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Available in Paperback (Amazon)

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Professional, experienced contract burglar.
It’s not exactly something you can put on a business card.

Molly Miranda has made a successful living from “acquiring” valuables and delivering them to clients who pay buckets of cash for her unique services.

So what if she has to lie about her lavish lifestyle in Manhattan and her frequent trips out of the country? Molly has everything under control.

Things go astray when she knocks boots with her charming roommate right before taking off to Scotland with an untrustworthy wildcard on a job assignment that doesn’t go quite as planned.

It doesn’t help that this new partner-in-crime is super annoying. And attractive…

Join Molly on her hilarious adventures as she dodges bullets, trespasses, wears disguises, and steals her way into trouble.

MM2-TAT-web copy 4Molly Miranda: Thick as Thieves

Released: July 2016

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Available in Paperback (Amazon)



Molly Miranda is back for more hilarious and exciting adventures in professional burglary.

This time, Molly is thrown into the high-stakes world of art theft. She and Rhys, her partner-in-crime, travel to France to steal a priceless work of art with the help of a new business connection—an artist with her own set of unique skills.

But drama is also brewing back in New York. Molly’s younger sister shows up at her door for a tumultuous visit. Ruby, Molly’s best friend, is head over her heels for a police officer who suspects there’s more to Molly than meets the eye.

Relationships have never been easy for Molly but things get extra tricky in Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Will Molly and Rhys finally master the art of love?

Molly Miranda: Honor Among Thieves

Released: May 2017

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Available in Paperback (Amazon)



Molly Miranda is in danger. For serious.

This time, Molly is in danger of falling in love… but she and her partner-in-crime are also being hunted. So, there’s that.

Thanks to a recent misunderstanding with a crime family, Molly and Rhys are running for their lives, making a few stops along the way to steal from some high-profile targets, including a reality TV star and a famous supermodel.

Molly’s father in still in hiding and she has no idea where he is or when she’ll see him again. Plus, her best friend makes a big announcement that could potentially end their friendship.

Molly and Rhys have to depend on one another more than ever, especially when the bullets start flying.

Praise for Molly Miranda

“How much fun is this? I’m loving the debut from Hamilton—now I need more about her sassy, sometimes awkward and always brave heroine, Molly Miranda. Stealing other people’s stuff has never been so charming. Bravo!”
– Patti Larsen, award-winning author of the Hayle Coven series

“It’s tense and smart-alecky. It’s likeable without being sweet. It’s sexy and tough, and as apt to kick you in the pants as to kiss you on the cheek.”
– Author Leo McKay Jr.

“I absolutely adored Molly Miranda… Hamilton handles the story with a deft touch, balancing action, laugh-out-loud zingers and romance with zippy pacing and a character you can really root for. This series makes me want to quit my day job and become a cat burglar with a condo on Central Park West and a passport full of cool stamps. I seriously can’t wait for the next one.”
– Author Kat Ross

“Molly Miranda is a fun read with some good messages of self awareness and identity laced through the humour and suspense.”
– Author Natalie Corbett Sampson

“I enjoy a bad ass female character. I’m tired of girls in books getting saved by guys. Molly Miranda can take care of herself but that’s just one reason I like the book.”
– Book Drunkard

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