Author Event in Five Islands

This little lady is traveling to her hometown of Five Islands, Nova Scotia next weekend to do an author event! If you happen to be in Five Islands on Saturday, August 27 at 2pm, stop by the Five Islands Bazaar (that’s the old Five Islands Elementary School building across from … Read More

Molly Miranda: Thick as Thieves is HERE!

The sequel is here, the sequel is here! Okay, so, the paperback isn’t available EVERYWHERE just yet but it’s available for purchase on Amazon in the US, UK and Germany. I expect it to be available in Canada and other countries in a few days. Take me to the paperback please! … Read More

Molly’s Playlist: Thick as Thieves

Obviously, I’m pretty excited about Molly Miranda: Thick as Thieves coming out soon. The paperback will be out next month and the ebook shortly after that. That’s one of the reasons that when the song below came up on my phone this afternoon, I smiled. It’s charming and delightful aaaaand, of … Read More

Win a Signed Molly Miranda Paperback + $5 Amazon Gift Card

This giveaway is now over. Congratulations Nicole Zottola! Happy International Chick Lit Month everyone! Lots of stuff going on during May: I’m working with an editor to whip Molly Miranda: Thick as Thieves (the Thief for Hire sequel) into shape, I’ve got two bookish events next week and my husband and … Read More

REVIEW: Marilyn Monroe: The Biography

I feel guilty for believing all the things people have said about Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe had an affair with Robert Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy. Marilyn Monroe was a “dumb blonde,” capable of only playing “dumb blonde” roles. Marilyn Monroe only had her beauty and her figure and … Read More

PEI Book Awards in the Guardian

My lovely mother-in-law clipped this out of the newspaper for me. Click to see a larger version. Congratulations to Finley Martin, author of The Dead Letter, for winning in the Fiction category.

Upcoming Events

Reading Town PEI starts on April 30! Learn more about the 2016 festival. THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016 — 7pm at the Confederation Centre Public Library, Charlottetown, PE Celebrating PEI Books: Island Stories I’ll be there with six other writers nominated for the Prince Edward Island Book Award. I’ll read from Molly Miranda: Thief for … Read More

I can’t even.

Today I was notified that Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire, my silly little book, has been shortlisted for the 2016 Prince Edward Island Book Award. The event is held every two years and a prize is awarded in fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Obvs, Molly was shortlisted in the fiction category. …Wow. I … Read More

Thank you, Louise Rennison.

“He who laughs last laughs the laughiest.” The death of author Louise Rennison was announced today. When I was in junior high, I owned all of the Georgia Nicolson books and loaned them out to anyone who would read them. I lost a few of them over the years and … Read More

Molly’s Playlist: Terrible Things

Guys, I started outlining the third book in the Molly Miranda series. I can’t even believe it, really. Book 2 is still in the hands of beta readers and my work with the editor begins in April. Yay! I also have another couple of projects (mostly of the non-fiction variety) … Read More