REVIEW: The Art of Asking

First, I just want to point at this link right here. <– I was recently featured in The Buzz, the local monthly arts and entertainment publication. It features details on my book launch, happening this Saturday. I’m going to be doing a reading, giving out a signed paperback, giving out some Molly Miranda temporary tattoos and there will be cupcakes and a fruit tray. And it’s free! GO HERE FOR EVENT INFO AND/OR RSVP! And now, the review…

The Art of Asking
(or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help)

by Amanda Palmer

Loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it.

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Interview: “Thief’s Odyssey” author John L Monk

john_l_monkI haven’t run into a lot of other characters like Molly Miranda- until recently, that is. I was recently contacted by author John L. Monk who recently published Thief’s Odyssey, a novel about- you guessed it- a thief! We bonded over our mutual fascination of real burglars and our love of Bill Mason, writer of Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief.

We recently interviewed one another about our recent projects and more.  Continue reading

Hometown glory

Why, yes. I did just steal the title of this blog post from an Adele song. Sue me.
(Please. Don’t sue me.)

Me and Molly Miranda recently made it into the Truro Daily News. I grew up about an hour from Truro and then went to high school there. While studying Journalism, I completed a four-week internship at TDN.

Click here to read the article online.

Now available on iBooks!


Hey Apple dorks! Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire is (finally) available for iBooks! Go check it out.

Aaaaaand, as usual, it’s also on Kindle, Kobo, signed paperback (Canada only) and regular ol’ paperback.

Look what I made.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

Also, this is what happens when a writer and indie publisher decides to take a short break from everything after being a ball of stress for several months. The book is out. I am content. I’m working on the sequel. I’m also very, very tired. haha Taking a break from marketing to focus on writing and other creative projects. Like wedding DIY projects! And scrapbooking!

I’ve got a few more blog tour stops before things get quiet. Wouldn’t mind if it stayed that way for a while, to be quite honest.

Thanks again to everyone who has shared my posts, tweets and pins and to everyone who has left a review for the book. It is all very appreciated!

Obligatory Pre-Publication Post

That post title might not be entirely fair, considering my paperback has technically been available for over a week and my Kindle ebook has been available in the UK for over two hours. (Time zones. What are ya gonna do?)

These past few months have been so insane. I want to give extra thank-you’s to Colby, Mom and Dad, Grandma, Colleen and the guys from work who have been so very patient with me while I freaked out, panicked, stressed and/or doubted this whole thing. I want to thank the many people who have purchased signed copies from my online store and the people who made pre-orders. Thumbs up, you guys. Thumbs up.

I also want to thank these lovely people for their fantastic reviews of the book. Love, love, love. Love.

I also want to thank Liberty for having me over for a guest post on her blog.

Here are the Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire links you might be looking for:

The Goodreads giveaway is over (1148 entries!) but you can still win my book and lots of others during this massive Valentine’s Day book giveaway event. You can also add Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire to your To Read list on Goodreads!

I’m so excited to get back to writing the Molly Miranda sequel and maybe get my head back into the wedding planning space. (I should probably focus on that at least a little bit before the big day in September…)

P.S. I turned 27 on Tuesday. So far, my late 20s aren’t looking so bad. :)

12 Things You Don’t Know About Molly Miranda

Who doesn’t love a good bit of trivia? Learn a few tidbits about Molly Miranda, the rest of the gang and some background about the creative process.

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Win a Valentine’s Day Read During this Massive Giveaway

LOGO final

This giveaway runs from January 19th until February 7. To win a book, scroll down below the covers and descriptions and use the separate Rafflecopter widgets to enter for the books you’d like to win. Big props to author Hillary Grossman, author of Dangled Carat for arranging this thing.

Good luck everyone. And here are the books!

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Paperbacks have arrived!

A total of 50 paperbacks arrived in the mail today! Locals will get their paperbacks delivered first with the rest of their goodies. I’ve got some mailing and signing to do!

Don’t forget to RSVP to my Facebook launch event on February 6th! I’ll be giving away a paperback, a bunch of ebooks, a ton of ebooks from other chick lit authors and a couple Amazon gift cards.


Book Blog Tour Dates


Hey gang! All the dates for my book blog tour are finalized!

Here’s how I feel about that:


I want to give a gigantic shoutout to Colleen at Savvy Fox Author Services for arranging about half of the blog tour hosts on the list below. I want to thank all my tour hosts for reviewing my book, interviewing me, having me over for guest posts and/or featuring my book on their lovely blogs. Much appreciated! :D

Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire

Book Blog Tour

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