REVIEW: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

Girls on HBO is one of my favorite shows on television.

I find it funny, smart, genuine, frustrating, warm and interesting. I’m glad Lena is the showrunner and when I heard she was publishing a book, it wasn’t a huge surprise.

was surprised, however, when I realized that Hannah, the character Lena plays on Girls, is just an exaggerated version of herself. Many of the things that have happened on the show have happened to Lena in real life. She has OCD. She has a preoccupation with death. She is a hypochondriac. Many of Hannah’s little Hannah-isms are actually Lena-isms.

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The Big Ol’ Thank You Blog Post (+ Graphics Kit)

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so this big thank-you post is well-timed.

One of the perks available on my crowdfunding campaign was a thank-you on my blog in exchange for a campaign donation. My friends, this is that blog post.

Some of these names will also make it onto the dedication page and in the back on the acknowledgements page. These names are in no particular order, except for the top handful that are there for sentimental reasons. But know that I am thankful for all donations, great and small.

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My New Writing Goal

When I was a teenager, my goal was to have a book published by the time I was 20. In junior high, I wrote and handed a 25 page short story to my English teacher every month. In grade 10, I wrote a novella. But I did not finish a full-length novel by the age of 20 and I did not have a book published by the time I was 20. Not even close.

As a teenager, 20 seems like the age you should have your shit together, ya know? Buuuut that’s not really how it works. At all.

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Why I Chose Independent Publishing

I’ve had a few people ask me where my book is going to be published. When I started to explain independent publishing, I got some puzzled expressions. So, this is my attempt at explaining myself, as well as my motives.

My novel is going to be independently published by my company, Tomfoolery Press. My company is also a blog where I feature funny books. I made that blog to help market my book(s), network with other humor authors and check out my competition (in a totally friendly, non-threatening way, I promise).

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Indiegogo Campaign = Success!

I have been rendered speechless. I am without speech. But fear not. I may be lost for words but I make up for it with gratitude.

With 3 days to go, we’ve surpassed my funding goal of $1500. To the people who donated to the campaign: you are magnificent. To the people who shared my many crowdfunding-related updates on Twitter and images on Facebook: you, too, are fantastic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

(Although… there are 3 more days until the campaign ends. Who knows what could happen between now and then?)

The book is expected out in early February. My lovely editor is doing her first round of edits right now. After the second round of edits, it will go to a proofreader. Then I’ll lay it out in two formats- ebook and paperback. Both will be available for purchase on Amazon. I may eventually direct sell some signed paperbacks from the site, we’ll see.

It’s a lot of steps but the end product will be worth it. Right now I’m just itching to start work on the sequel!

There’s no rest for the wicked, as they say.

[edit] The campaign wrapped up on the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 17, surpassing the $1500 goal by $102. Insane. [/edit]

Tomfoolery Press is born!

Is it just me or are there a million and one adult book blogs out there? The genre is supremely popular but doesn’t intrigue me much.

Do you know what does intrigue me though? Humor books. Fiction, non-fiction, satire, romantic comedies, etc. There is always more room in this world for laughter. That’s where Tomfoolery Press comes in.

fox2-1Tomfoolery Press was originally going to be my personal imprint. I had a hard time finding blogs that cater specifically to humor readers and promote comedy writers. So, I decided my imprint should have two uses.

Authors can submit their books to Tomfoolery Press for FREE for promotion or giveaways. We’ll also be doing author interviews and book reviews. Ads will also be sold at a very competitive price, especially while the site is just getting going.

If anyone would like to pitch in and write a few posts on the blog, please let me know. Authors will be paid in ad space on the website.

You can also follow Tomfoolery Press on:

Or you can join the Tomfoolery Press Humor Writers Facebook group to discuss writing, what you’re working on and network with other humor authors.

A Reading from Molly Miranda: Thief for Hire

There are a couple bloopers at the end, if anyone is interested. ;P

Don’t forget to contribute to the Indiegogo campaign!

Indiegogo Campaign Launch

And we’re off to the races!

Click here to donate to this campaign!

7 Questions with Jillianne Hamilton

Yesterday I posted an interview with my novel’s main character, Miss Molly Miranda. Today, I’m going to interview someone else: moi.


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7 Questions with Molly Miranda

Jill: Molly, thank you very much for your time. We promise to keep this interview away from the authorities.

Molly: No, I think we’re good. Who even said my name really is “Molly Miranda”? :P

Jill: Oh. Good point.

Molly: Can we get on with this? I have a flight to catch.

Jill: Sure thing! First off, why choose this career field?

Molly: I ask myself that all the time. Mostly? It’s the money. The money is good. Fantastic, actually. I get to travel a lot. The actual act of stealing something from someone’s home… it’s such a rush, ya know? If drug addicts turned to theft for a fix, we’d have a lot less of a drug problem.

Jill: But a lot more theft.

Molly: Only if they’re good at it.

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